Multiple Systems
Shoutcast Shoutcast
Icecast Icecast   
Control Panel Features
  • Statistics

    Control panel provides various stats like Google Maps listeners info, daily listeners breakdown, how the server is running, more information regarding your account.

  • Broadcasting options

    You'll have access to being to add in Facebook, YouTube and also have full page web player, html codes, various way to provide for listeners to tune in and enjoy your music streaming.

  • On air ads

    you'll have the ability to play on air ads while streaming, whether it's live streaming or it's part of your radio station playing music. Great way to advertise your business or service.

SonicPanel Control Panel
System Features
What makes our system worth buying from.

Full Management

You can Start, Stop, Restart, customize or more from your SonicPanel. You can even add in other things like intros, ads and more.

Live Streaming

You're able to live stream to either YouTube or Facebook as well, so you can display on both platforms.

Platform Toggle

You can switch between Shoutcast or Icecast* as need be depending on which platform you prefer to use.

Scheduling playlists

You will have the ability to schedule playlists to be played based on your requirements. It could a simple playlist or a custom scheduled time.

Support Information
how to contact us and when to contact us.


When you aren't needing to get support right away, you can submit a ticket to be followed up.

Submit Ticket

Tech Support KBs

When you need to see if already have it, you can head to our KBs to find a solution.

Tech KBs

Billing KBs

Common billing questions such as billing cycle, payment options accepted, additional features cost.

Billing KBs