Who We Are?

Why Host With Us

Founded 2014, goal wasn't to be the biggest name in hosting, was meant to be a name that could be seen and known as a rock solid provider who provided quality hosting.

Powerful Server(s)

We run with powerful servers that can handle sites properly and are optimized to perform to the highest level.

Dedicated Staff

We have staff ready to answer your general inquiries, support needs while providing high quality professionalism service.

Support Options

We have designated support options for both billing, tech support. Each type has a support to give you the optimal support.

Our Past
15 yrs experience

Skills increased from beginner to advance over time.

Server Locations

Started in NJ, migrated to Dallas, TX with 1 serer then 2.

Single system

Single solution for hosting and streams together.

Low Specs

Previous servers only ran 16GB of RAM to load websites and streams.

Low hard drive space

Previously a single hard drive to handle websites and streams at the same time.

No staff

Started out with no staff, nearly working 24/7 to provide sales, support to all customers.

Long Support Replies

Long support replies to tickets, follow ups, sales inquiry. Overall progress was delayed majorly.

Server Monitoring

No server monitoring to manage or share with public if there is an issue or updates in progress.

Future Goals
What the company is aiming to do
Increased locations globally

Currently single location in TX, looking to expand to other locations outside the US as well.

Additional Features

Will expand into additional features to include, but additional cost depending on plan.

Automation assistance

We'll be looking into offering automation for various tasks that you can configure then let it run.

WIMH Support Members
Current Staff
WIMH Support Owner
Nick D

Owner/Tech Support

Founded and provides tech support as the senior, making sure the servers run smoothly.

WIMH Support Owner 2
Lina D


Co-founded and provides additional support when primary tech support senior isn't available

Mishea S


Sales and support agent, assisting new and existing clients proudly since 2020

Customer feedback/Recommends us
Facebook reviews
Elvira S
Elvira S
Sept 21, 2016

recommends WIMH Support

Nicolò R
Jan 1, 2017

recommends WIMH Support